Our Great Guide to Gardening Equipment and Supplies

Our Great Guide to Gardening Equipment and Supplies

Choosing Landscape Supplies

Vickie Myers

Everyone enjoys a nicely manicured lawn as it's the first thing your visitors notice as they approach your home. However, it takes resources to create the perfect backyard, which includes time and landscape supplies. If you're planning to redesign your backyard, here are several considerations that will help you choose the right landscape supplies:

Make a plan

Before you redesign your backyard, take time to research and visit gardens that you like. This will help you get inspiration for landscaping ideas. Make a plan while taking into account the size of your backyard plus how you want it to look and feel. Pay attention to the details, especially the plants, garden ornaments, colours, textures, hardscapes, etc., as they will determine the landscape supplies you buy.  

Think about the view you want every time you step out of your house. Think about how you want to feel while you're resting in your backyard and watching as the flowers bloom. Be sure to take into consideration how you want your lawn to look 2, 5, or 10 years from now.


Why are you redesigning your backyard? Is it for you, your kids, pets or the entire family? Once you understand the reason behind the redesign, you can remodel your backyard to fit the functionality.

Design for functionality and not just aesthetics. For example, adding gravel to your backyard looks nice, but will you and your kids enjoy walking on the gravel, especially bare feet? No, because gravel is rough; thus, you can choose pebbles as they are more comfortable to walk on while barefoot.


Do you have a style in mind for your garden? There are several styles you can choose from, which include rustic, Italian, modern, Spanish, etc. When selecting a style, ensure that it blends in with the style of your home or complements it. For example, if your home is more of a craftsman-style home, opt for classic or simple landscaping such as brightly coloured flowers or structured bushes.

Your options are endless but be sure to work with a landscaper who will guide you on styles and landscape supplies to purchase.

Ask around

Now that you know the kind of supplies to select be sure to talk to your neighbour or anyone else who has recently redesigned their backyard. Ask where they got the landscape supplies and if they'd recommend the supplier. Check if the store has an online presence and read the reviews on their pages. Ask if the store offers delivery to their customers or if you're required to arrange for transportation.

For further tips and tricks for choosing landscaping supplies, reach out to a local garden supply store.


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