Our Great Guide to Gardening Equipment and Supplies

Our Great Guide to Gardening Equipment and Supplies

Mulching Tips For Beginning Gardeners

Vickie Myers

There has been something of a gardening boom over the last few years, and the past few months, in particular, have seen rising interest in home gardening. If you want to get into gardening but you're not sure where to start, consider mulching. Here are a few basic mulching tips for green gardeners.

Lawn Mulch

While you can certainly purchase mulch for your lawn, there is a case to be made for simply using your grass clippings as mulch when you mow your lawn. Not only will this save time since you won't have to stop frequently to empty the bag on your mower, but keeping the clippings as mulch can provide much-needed nutrients to your lawn, including nitrogen.

When using lawn clippings as mulch, make sure you're mowing your lawn regularly to keep the clippings fairly short. If the clippings are too long, they can stay in large clumps that rot and inhibit the growth of live grass. As a general rule, never cut more than 1/3 of the length of your grass at one time. While this may require more frequent mowing when your grass is thriving, it also helps you to avoid shocking the grass and allows the clippings to decompose naturally.

Garden Mulch

There are many different types of garden mulch available for your yard. Wood bark or chips are often best for trees and shrubs; pine and eucalyptus are fairly common options. Spread a layer about 7.5 cm thick around trees and shrubs, and extend the mulch 1 to 1.5 metres from the base of the tree. Make sure the mulch isn't piled up around the trunks of your trees, as too much mulch can cause a buildup of moisture around the trunk, which may lead to rot, disease or pest infestation.

Pea straw is commonly used for flower beds and vegetable patches. You'll want to apply the same amount of mulch unless you're working around delicate, low-lying plants -- like an herb garden, for example. You can also use compost, but it's important to know that some types of compost can be a haven for weed seeds, so do your research before making your final decision.

Compost can also be quite heavy, so you may want to look into companies in your area that offer mulch delivery. Most homeowners lack access to heavy-duty landscaping equipment, and if you're buying mulch, you may need a truck and trailer to transport it from your local garden centre. Wood chips will also likely prove too bulky for your standard vehicle, but mulch delivery services can arrange transportation and even help you select the right kind of mulch for your needs.


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